Car Alarms Immobilisers and Central Locking

We are a major supplier of Mongoose Car Alarms and Immobilisers.

Mongoose is an Australian car security company with an impeccable reputation for quality, reliability and service backup. Their systems are designed for Australian vehicles and conditions. All Mongoose equipment now have warranty periods ranging 3 from to 5-years. Call us for advice on the best system to suit your needs.

Our range includes:

M40 3-Star Immobiliser$229
M60 3-Star Alarm$440
M80 4-Star Alarm $540
M80 5-Star Alarm (with glass breakage protection) $595
Map 80 Upgrade (to suit existing keyless entry remotes)$495

All of our systems can be connected to existing central locking to give keyless entry with alarm activation. This may require extra parts. Call us to find out more.

Central Locking

If you only require keyless entry, we can supply you with a system that is reliable and easy to use and comes with two (2) remotes. We can also provide a complete central locking system, if required, for 2-door, 4-door and 5-door vehicles.

Keyless Entry From $175
4-Door Central Locking From $240

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Test Product

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