Cruise Control

Save petrol, avoid tickets and enjoy the drive with our quality-tested cruise control systems. We have a cruise control to suit 95% of vehicles, and can advise on the most suitable product for your vehicle.

Our systems include: Vacuum Operated, Electronic Servo and Drive-by-Wire for modern vehicles. Our Drive-by-Wire E-Cruise System has been designed and developed by local Brisbane manufacturer Autostrada. It is supplied ‘custom fitted’ to suit individual vehicles.

Cruising with e-cruise is something to be experienced. Taking up set-speed is instant and precise. E-cruise maintains your vehicle speed and makes automatic adjustments many times a second. This allows a steady speed when travelling uphill or downhill.

Standard Cruise ControlFrom $695
E-CruiseFrom $750
All Cruise Controls have a 3 year warranty

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Test Product

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