Vehicle Tracking

Want to know where your car is? Now, you can track your vehicle by GPS and see the location on your iPhone, PC or any Internet capable device.

Connexions Car Radio makes finding your vehicle easy with the Mongoose VT404. To operate this system you simply send an SMS to your SIM-card enabled device, and in return, receive an SMS with the Google Earth coordinates of your car. (VT404 requires a Vodafone GSM sim card – pre-paid or monthly plan OK).

The Mongoose VT404 has many features, including ‘Geofence’, which enables you to set a virtual restricted travel radius for your car between 100 metres and 999 kilometres. It also operates as a remote immobiliser, all via SMS.

This device is ideal for those with luxury or collectible cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, even earth moving equipment. Once installed, unsuspecting thieves cannot detect it.

Systems start from only $650. Find out more about this revolutionary tracking system at

GSM/GPRS/GPS Vehicle Tracker

GSM/GPRS/GPS Vehicle Tracker

Mongoose Australia VT404

GPS tracking made easy – see locations instantly on your…
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