GSM/GPRS/GPS Vehicle Tracker

Mongoose Australia VT404

GPS tracking made easy - see locations instantly on your mobile phone, computer or iPad.


DescriptionIt really is that quick. If your car alarm is activated, the VT404 will immediately send you a warning text message with its location.

How do I track it ?
 It is really very easy - if you want to know where the vehicle is right now, just make a phone call or send a text to the tracker and it replies by text message with its location.
If you have a Smart-phone, tap the text reply and your phones map will open showing you the location.
With other mobile phones types, you can either get a text message with location data or a 'screen-shot' of a map showing the location.

Automatic Tracking - The tracker can also automatically update you with locations at time intervals of your choice - from 1 minute to 99 hours apart - all controlled by a simple text message from your mobile phone.
No software to buy - use any internet mapping programme such as Google.

What about recording the travel history ?
 For this you will need our M-Trak Fleet Management webserver.

Can I immobilise the vehicle ?
 Yes. A password protected text message turns the immobiliser on or off. The tracker will ask for confirmation before it immobilises - just to be safe.

How do I know if a vehicle is being used out of a permitted area ?
 Easy. Our 'Geo-fence' function lets you set a permitted radius of travel from a central point. If the vehicle moves outside this area, you will get a warning text message. You'll get another one when it re-enters the area. This dual warning gives to the time scale of travel in and out of the area. Radius can be set from 1km to 999 km.


  • GPS tracking to your mobile phone or any computer
  • M-Trak GPRS tracking website option.
  • Vehicle alarm activation alert
  • Tow alert. Min' 1km radius
  • SOS alert with 2 way voice communication
  • Capable of covert listening via concealable microphone
  • Geo-fence - set a restricted radius of travel. Min' 1km
  • Programmable for alerts each time engine is started and stopped
  • Password protected commands and usage
  • SMS text messages control the tracker
  • Information data includes latitude/longitude, time, date, speed, direction of travel
  • Communicates with up to 3 'authorised' mobile numbers
  • Low vehicle battery alert
  • Power saver function with auto turn on via built-in motion sensor
  • Easy installation
  • GPS and on-screen Hi-Gain GSM antennas supplied
  • Requires a GSM SIM card - not supplied
  • 12 volt operation with 6 hour battery back-up

The Mongoose VT404 - an easy to use yet very effective GPS tracker.

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